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LM Remote KeyMap can control external IR devices if you are using an IR blaster like the USB-UIRT or the MCE Remote. For this you need to choose an IR blaster and create IR devices by selecting "Learn IR codes" in the LM Remote KeyMap main menu.

Click on the "Choose another IR Blaster" link to select a local blaster or a blaster that is installed on another PC running LM Remote KeyMap. If you choose such a remoted blaster you'll only be able to add IR devices on the PC where the blaster is installed, on the client PC using the remoted blaster you can use all other features though ("Blast" action, COM objects and tuning plug-ins). The remote blaster feature is only available to our donators.

An IR device is basically a collection of IR codes that an external device recognize and that LM Remote KeyMap will blast through your IR blaster. LM Remote KeyMap will blast IR codes when you use the "Blast" action in a remote profile or through a channel change plugin.

To create an IR device, click on the "Add" button below the devices list, and select "New IR Device" or "IR Device from Online Database"

If you select "IR Device from Online Database" you'll be able to search for devices submitted by other users. The search devices screen will open and if this is the first time you opened it, you'll be asked to authenticate with your donator username and password. Once authenticated, you can type a keyword and click on the "Search" button. Devices that match your query will be listed in the list, select the device you want and click on the "Add this device to my devices" link.

If you want to share your IR device with other LM Remote KeyMap users, click on the "Share" link (all buttons must have been learned first). Fill in the upload form : please use the right hardware name and model number, use the comments fields if you want to add some precisions or designation (this will help users find the right device more easily).

In the first screen of the device editor you can :

  • Choose a Name for your device
  • Specify the device Model and Manufacturer
  • Choose an icon for your device

When you correctly identified your device click on the "Next >" button to learn ir codes.

Add the buttons you want to learn from your original remote by clicking on the "Add" button. You can either add one button, or all numerical buttons at once.

  • Specify channel change options for devices where you'll change channels on, like:
    • Padding: simply type the number of digits your device is expecting, for instance if you type "3" and you change the channel to "22", LM Remote KeyMap will send "022". Type "0" if the device don't need any padding.
    • IR commands to be send before the channel change : simply type in the filed the button name (or button names separated by commas) as listed in the tree view. You can also insert a pause, like #150 this will pause for 150ms before sending a new command.
    • IR commandes to be send after the channel change : simply type in the filed the button name (or button names separated by commas) as listed in the tree view. You can also insert a pause, like #150 this will pause for 150ms before sending a new command.
    • Delay in milliseconds to wait between each digits of a channel number (and before and after commands)
    • You can test a channel change by typing a channel number in the "Channel number" field and clicking on the "Test Channel Change" button (you need first to add all buttons needed for channel changing, use the "Add channel change buttons" contextual menu on the device to add them all at once, then learn IR codes for each button)
  • Choose options related to your IR Blaster model by clicking on the "Blaster options" button.

IR Code Learning

Once a button is added, you need to learn its ir codes. To do this click on the button in the IR device buttons list. This will open the button property.

You can chage the name of the button as well a copying IR codes directly (this is only useful for USB-UIRT). To proceed with learning click on the "Learn IR Codes >" button. The following dialog should open.

Follow the instruction of the dialog or cancel the learning process by clicking on the "Cancel" button. If you can successfully learn the IR codes, this is what you should get.

You'll have to click on the "Next >" button to learn the IR code a second time.

When you have finished the learning of both codes, you can test the IR code by clicking on the test button in the button list. LM Remote KeyMap will blast the learned code and if your IR blaster is correctly pointed to your device it should work (use the "Test" button at least two times to be sure that both codes were send)

Learning Advices

You really need to point your original remote closely to your IR blaster: for instance two or three fingers aways.

It is best to lay down both the IR remote and IR blaster on a plane and stable surface.

It is best to restrict all IR emitting sources during the learning process, like candles, other IR devices etc...

With the USB-UIRT the learning process stops when the USB-UIRT stop blinking.

With the MCE Remote Blaster however, you should press on your remote button just like you do when you really use the remote of your device. So a quick press and release is more than enough, but it may varies from one device to another, so you should adjust how long you should press on the button starting with short duration to longer duration.


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