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LM Remote KeyMap : Channel Change Plugins

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LM Remote KeyMap can help you to change channels on your set top box from your favorite PVR application.

With the help of an IR blaster like the USB-UIRT or the blaster that comes with some MCE remotes (IR version) LM Remote KeyMap can learn your set top box original remote IR codes and send them to your set top box; either when you are watching live tv from your PVR application or during scheduled recordings.

LM Remote KeyMap does feature channel change plugins for:

If you want another PVR application to be supported, please contact our support team.

You can also use the LM Remote KeyMap COM Objects to blast the learned IR Codes. The COM Objects allows you to create scripts for blasting IR codes from any application that can launch an executable to change channels (or you can create a plugin with the COM objects)

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