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If you are using an IR Blaster with LM Remote KeyMap to change channel on your Set top box with SageTV, then sometimes you may need to issue additional IR signal to your Set top box when you are watching Live TV (for instance to dismiss your set top box OSD)

You can now use the LM Remote KeyMap SageTV STVi to add an OnScreen Remote in SageTV. This OnScreen Remote let you issue IR signal to your Set top box using the IR blaster attached to LM Remote KeyMap.

Setting up the plugin

You'll have to copy the STVi import into the C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3 folder. The files you need to copy here are :

  • rkm.stvi : this is the STVi import for the default SageTV STV
  • rkm_mc.xml : this is the STVi import for the SageMC STV

These files are located in the plugins\SageTV OnScreen Remote of the Config & Log folder (you can open this folder from the LM Remote KeyMap taskbar notification icon)

You also have to edit the rkm.properties file you'll find in this folder. Let's have a look at this file

BlastEnginePath=C:\\Program Files\\LM Gestion\\LM Remote KeyMap\\Blast.wsf
Remotes=Encoder Name,001
Remote/001/Device=IR Device Name
Remote/001/Buttons=Button Display Name,RKM Button Name;Button Display Name,RKM Button Name

On the first line : you specify were to find the blast engine that will be used, this is usually the right directory

On the second line you have to list all the remote you want to use through the onscreen remote. In LM Remote KeyMap you can define more than one IR device to use, and some of these IR devices may be used by SageTV with the tuning plugin. You'll usually use these devices with the onscreen remote only when SageTV is currently recording on the tuner that use them.

That's why the onscreen remote link a tuner with a LM RKM IR device. To do so, create a semicolon separated list with the encoder name (or just the first letters / words of it) and a number (any number, one for each IR device you want to use) separated by a coma, like this : Encoder1,001;Encoder2,002.

You can find the encoder names used by SageTV in video source setup, like in the screenshot below

The next three lines specify what is the IR device to use and what buttons you want to be available on the onscreen remote, as well as the input delay (the input delay is the time to wait before sending IR signal through the blaster to avoir IR collisions)

You have to create theses three lines for each IR device you want to use. On this three lines you can see that the number you have choosed in the "Remotes=" line is used.

  • Remote/XXXX/Device= : this is the line where you put the name of the IR device to use as it appears in the LM Remote KeyMap IR device editor (the "Name" field)
  • Remote/XXXX/Buttons= : this is the line where you specify the buttons (at max 15 buttons) to display on the onscreen remote, this a semicolon separated list of pairs. The pair itself is a coma separated list with the button name to display on the remote and the button name as it appears in the LM Remote KeyMap IR device editor
  • Remote/XXXX/Delay= this is the line where you specify the input delay. This value is in milliseconds. For instance if you choose 250, LM Remote KeyMap will wait 250 milliseconds before sending IR signal through the IR Blaster. 250 milliseconds is a safe value to avoid IR collisions as you will use your PC remote to navigate through the onscreen remote, you are already sending IR signals with this remote and all your IR devices are currently busy discarding them, if LM Remote KeyMap doesn't wait long enough before sending new IR signals they may be missed.

Once you edited the rkm.properties file, place it in the C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV directory and you are ready to import one of the STVi

Once done view a Live TV program and bring up the OSD, you should see a new button "OnScreen Remote" on the OSD like on the screenshot below

If you select this "OnScreen Remote" button you'll see something like this (it depends on the buttons you included in the rkm.properties file)

You just have to select one of your buttons to make LM RKM send the corresponding IR signal. Once you are done with the OnScreen Remote click on the "Cancel" button to close it.


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