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01/05/2013 : version 7.4

  • Added : new remote "PC remote"
  • Fixed : REST API crashed the blaster service upon PC resume
  • Improved : Star and Sharp buttons for MCE remote

12/04/2012 : version 7.3

  • Fixed : the "Switch Profile" action wasn't switching properly
  • Added button to the Tivo Remote
  • Added button to the nMediaPC remote
  • Reworked REST Api
  • New Installers for all LM Remote KeyMap tools 
  • Standalone Web Remote now using another Web Server

11/22/2010 : version 7.2

  • Added : REST Api
  • Added : Network Command Line Tool
  • Added : Support for Tivo Slide Remote
  • Added : Support for Hauppauge MCE Remote
  • Improved : Gyration remotes support
  • Improved : Hama remote support
  • Improved : All action chains are now multithreaded (even action chains with one action)
  • Added : "Block Native" action for not executing actions when the real remote is used but to only execute them when the physical remote is not used (for instance when using the Web Remote)
  • Improved : The "Show OSD" action now allows the OSD position to be set. 
  • Added : Application Get Focus / Lost Focus events
  • Added : Window Created / Window Destroyed events

05/28/2010 : version 7.1

  • Fixed : Mouse action wasn't moving the mouse pointer correctly in version 7.0
  • Fixed : Mouse Mode action was not launched in version 7.0
  • Added : Mouse Mode, Nav Mode and Help Mode actions now have a settings for turning each mode On or Off

05/24/2010 : version 7.0

  • Added : Web Remote (separate download). With the Web Remote you can control your PC or IR devices from any web browser. A dedicated iPhone web app is included
  • Added : C# scripting engine. You can now use C# code from LM Remote KeyMap (any .Net code, as well as native win32 code should work fine) through the "Script" action.
  • Added : "Screenshot" action to take desktop or window screenshot
  • Added : "Set Variable" and "Increment Variable" actions, those let you create global variables that can be used with the "If", "Show OSD", "HTTP Get" and "Script" actions
  • Improved : "Show OSD" action allow the use of global variables within the displayed text
  • Improved : "HTTP Get" let you save the HTML / Text downloaded content into a global variable
  • Improved : the "If" action editor now features a condition editor (you no longer have to types the arguments in one field, instead each condition feature a dialog that let you type the arguments one by one)
  • Improved : the "Find Window" and "Find Child Window" action allows you to stop the action chain if a window is not found.
  • Improved : when your PC is going to sleep, LM Remote KeyMap now stop listening on the network (whereas previously it was only suspending network connections)
  • Improved : LM Remote KeyMap issue the PC Waking Up event (and Resume Auto) only after the hardware restart delay expires
  • Improved : LM Remote KeyMap detects network change and will restart network listener accordingly
  • Fixed : very rare threading issue when displaying OSD
  • Added : Support for the Gyration 4101 remote

04/22/2010 : version 6.11

  • Fixed : LM Remote KeyMap 6.10 was missing the X10 Interface, so Firefly and X10 remotes were not working.

04/21/2010 : version 6.10

  • Fixed : LM Remote KeyMap 6.9 crash when no network connection available
  • Fixed : LM Remote KeyMap 6.9 wasn't migrating blaster settings correctly when using the remote blaster feature
  • Improved : Network communication with the remote blaster feature
  • Improved : OSD windows are not showing in the windows list during Alt+Tab enumeration
  • Added : Beep action to make your PC speaker beep (only works on 32 bits systems)
  • Added : the Wake On Lan action now allows you to wait for the PC to be resumed to execute other actions
  • Added : "WakeUp Source Contains" condition for the "If" action to be able to filter the wake up event occuring in LM RKM (for instance to only do something when the wake up source is the power button). This condition only works with Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Improved : Added new buttons for Gyration remote
  • Improved : Added new buttons for Emprex remote

03/10/2010 : version 6.9

  • Fixed : Arithmetic overflow error when logging off on X64 system
  • Fixed : Access denied error when switching users
  • Fixed : Error when displaying OSD (rare threading issue)
  • Improved : LM Remote KeyMap Desktop Listener doesn't show in windows list when using Alt+Tab
  • Improved : ignore MCE blaster device timeout when blasting
  • Improved : multicast message are sent / received on all network interfaces
  • Improved : SageTV channel change plug-in COM issue on some system
  • Added : Copy IR device or Application profile from the main LM RKM GUI
  • Improved : Added icons to IR devices buttons
  • Added : "Find Child Window" action
  • Added : "Press Key To" action to send simple keyboard shortcuts to a non focused window (this action may not work at all with some application, and you may need to use the "Find Child Window" action to make it work with some applications)
  • Added : "Window Border" action to hide / show the border of an existing window
  • Improved : Added new buttons to the virtual USB-UIRT remote
  • Added : preliminary support for Emprex MCE remote
  • Improved : Added new buttons to Gyration MCE remote

12/01/2009 : version 6.8

  • Fixed : the "Shutdown" action was creating a lock in LM RKM Blaster Service, it is now using a dedicated thread to avoid this lock
  • Improved : the "Switch Profile" action will not allow recursion (switching to the same profile over an over)
  • Added : "Minimize" / "Maximize" / "Restore" actions to minimize, maximize or restore a window
  • Added : "Close Application" action to close an application (given its executable name)
  • Added : "HTTP Get" action to download HTML / XML content (downloaded content can be tested with the "If" action)
  • Added : "Is Minimized" / "Is Maximized" conditions for the "If" action, these conditions are true if the target window is respectively minimized or maximized
  • Added "HTML Contains" condition for the "If" action, this condition is true if the HTML download by the "HTTP Get" action contains a string of your choice
  • Added "XML Node Value Equals" condition for the "If" action, this condition is true if an XML node (you choose) value is equal to the string of your choice
  • Added "XML Node Value Contains" condition for the "If" action, this condition is true if a XML node (you choose) value contains the string of your choice
  • Improved : the "Move Window" action can now also resize the window
  • Improved : the "Application Starting" event allows you to specify the window title (this can be useful for instance if you want to move / resize explorer window when you start them based on the window title)
  • Added : "LM RKM Command Line" event. This event is received by LM RKM when you use the LM Remote KeyMap command line utility (LMRKMSend.exe)
  • Added : LM Remote KeyMap Command Line Utility: this utility allows you to send event to LM Remote KeyMap, and also to send "fake" remote button press.
  • Improved : the "ensure focus" option of the "Launch Application" action has been improved.
  • Modified : "Application Activate" and "Foreground" actions use a new method to bring windows into focus (may or may not improve setting foreground to a window)
  • Improved : the "Mouse" action does feature a new "Set To" method (same as "Move To" except it doesn't move the pointer toward the coordinates)

11/22/2009 : version 6.7

  • Modified : Mouse action is using another way to move the mouse pointer which may solve some rare issues.
  • Added : Monitor On / Off action that allows you to turn on or turn off your monitor
  • Added : Screen Saver action that allows you to turn on or turn off your screen saver, as well as disabling / enabling the screen saver to run (Note: LM RKM doesn't allow you to turn off your screen saver if your screen saver is actually locking the desktop)
  • Added : Is Screen Saver Running condition for the "If" action
  • Added : Is Fully Resumed condition for the "If" action
  • Improved : remote drawing are now showing buttons glyphs (this is only a cosmetic improvment)
  • Improved : new "On / Off" slider in various configuration screen option (Eject CD, Screen Saver, Monitor On/Off action)

11/17/2009 : version 6.6

  • Fixed : the "Application Executable" field for the application profile was case sensitive and as such LM RKM was not able to select the right profile if the wrong case was used for the application executable
  • Added: Help Mode. You can associate a help string for each button in each application profile. When the "Help Mode" action is used, each button press on the remote display the associated help string on LM RKM OSD. This is a donator feature.

11/09/2009 : version 6.5

  • Fixed : LM Remote KeyMap was crashing when using "Launch Application" with either the "ensure focus", or "wait for main window" option set if the launched application don't have a main window (can happen if you launch an application that is already launched and don't allow mutiple instances)
  • Improved : Hama MCE Remote Support
  • Improved : the LM RKM Blaster service now waits for LM RKM Desktop Listener to complete events before standing by or shutting down
  • Improved : don't allow multiple Live Trace Viewer window
  • Improved : the Hauppauge remote is no longer paused when your PC goes into standby (this wasn't needed anyway)
  • Added : Support for Topseed RF Media Center remotes
  • Added : Event "PC Resume Sleeping"

10/30/2009 : version 6.4

  • Fixed : LM Remote KeyMap was able to close itself (taskbar notification was disabled)
  • Added : PC Shutting down event
  • Added : Session Log Off event
  • Added : PC Resuming Auto. event
  • Added : Ability to launch application from the LM RKM Blaster Service (in the "Launch Application" action)
  • Added : Ability to wait for an application to exit before executing other actions (in the "Launch Application" action)
  • Added : Ability to wait for an application main window before executing other actions (in the "Launch Application" action)
  • Added : Ability to wait for playback to end before executing other actions (in the "Play Sound" action)
  • Added : Ability to wait for the OSD to be displayed before executing other actions (in the "Show OSD" action)
  • Improved : LM RKM Stopping, Session Log Off and PC Shutting down events are correctly delaying Windows shutdown / log off with proprer notifications in the Windows Vista / Windows 7 GUI 

10/25/2009 : version 6.3

  • Added : Support for Hama MCE Remotes
  • Added : Print / Visualization / Slideshow / Home buttons support for some MCE Remotes (by HP)
  • Improved : Exclusive use of MCE Remotes also disable native mappings for other MCE remote buttons (Radio / Music / Pictures...)
  • Added : LM Remote KeyMap can now also respond to computer events (PC waking up, PC standing by, LM RKM starting, LM RKM stopping, Application starting, Application stopping). This is a donator edition feature.
  • Improved : The "force focus" for the Launch Application action has been improved for applications with a splash screen and for applications that no matter what open behind the taskbar when in fullscreen (may still happen though).
  • Improved : The Volume OSD can be disabled in the Volume actions (works only if you choose not to show the OSD when volume changes outside of LM RKM)
  • Improved : You can now display an icon and choose the skin for the Show OSD action.
  • Improved : LM RKM GUI will reject invalid values when needed (timeouts, speed...)
  • Fixed : Potential memory leak when displaying the OSD
  • Fixed : Blaster Service was not setting the zone on the USB-UIRT Blaster
  • Fixed : SageTV channel change plugin may not have selected the right output device

10/14/2009 : version 6.2

  • Added : the LM RKM taskbar icon will display a red cross when LM RKM is disabled (such as when using remote desktop)
  • Added : a "Send logs to support" menu for the taskbar notification icon
  • Fixed : the "If" action wasn't expanding when added
  • Fixed : Blaster settings were not loaded by the blaster service
  • Fixed : the "Show when volume changes outside of LM RKM" option for the volume OSD was not used
  • Fixed : Error when using Remote Desktop and connecting back to the console session when the Live Trace Viewer was used in the remote session
  • Fixed : the LM RKM GUI was resetting the blaster selected if it was a remote blaster

10/12/2009 : version 6.1

  • Fixed : The "Find Window" action wasn't passing the window found to the next actions
  • Fixed : Sometimes the "settings.xml" file could be corrupted when saving (for instance when shutting down your computer while the LM RKM GUI was open)
  • Fixed : Cancel all asynchronous actions when needed (mostly when you are querying the online database and use a "Cancel" button before the database respond)
  • Improved : Some full screen application when quitting prevent other application to get in the foreground. LM RKM then fail to find a focused Window. When this happens LM RKM will force the last active window to be focused.
  • Added : Global remote actions. You can now add actions for the remote within a profile. These actions will execute for every button pressed. This can save you some time if for instance you have to use a "Find Window" action for every button and also help you to resolve focus issues.
  • Added : new action "Switch Profile". This action is almost identical to "Change Profile" except it will not lock the remote to the selected profile but instead will change temporarily the profile to be used immediately. This means that no profile are being forced, and the profile change is immediate. This can help you for resolving focus issues
  • Added : new action "If". This action enable conditionnal branching. If a condition is true a "Then" action chain will be executed, otherwise the "Else" action chain will be executed. Two conditions are available today. More can be added in the future.
  • Added : new action "Stop". This action allow you to stop the execution of actions following this stop action. This action will mostly be used with the "If" action.
  • Added : new action "Eject CD". This action allow you to open or close a cd drive tray.

10/06/2009 : version 6.0

  • Improved : New interface for creating profiles and IR devices
  • Improved : New OSD Skins with animation and aero glass support on Windows Vista / 7
  • Improved : "Launch Application" can now ensure that the launched application get focus, you can also choose the window style (hidden / maximized ...)
  • Improved : GUI and remote operations are done in separate process
  • Improved : You can rate downloaded profiles and IR devices
  • Improved : Interprocess communications should be more reliable
  • Added : Backup and Restore your settings
  • Added : Technical support form to send a message to technical support with all your settings and log files.
  • Fixed : Moving the mouse pointer with the Mouse action could result in constant motion of the pointer
  • Improved : Action chains are multithreaded (for chains with more than one actions)
  • Improved : Taskbar notification icon get a new icon and new menu entries
  • Modified : Built upon .Net Framework 3.5
  • Added : X10 MCE Remote support
  • Added : Multilanguage support (include French and English languages)
  • Improved : In remote application profile editor clicking a button on your remote will automatically select the corresponding button in the editor

07/09/2009 : version 5.2

  • Improved : Added support for XBox MCE remotes, added buttons for MCE remote.
  • Fixed : USB-UIRT support was not working correctly when used as a blaster only.

04/23/2009 : version 5.1

  • Added : A Service Controller process that monitors the blaster service and restart it when it is not working or not responding
  • Improved : added detection of insertion or removal of the USB-UIRT or MCE IR Blaster devices. You can now plug / unplug these devices without needing to restart the blaster service or LM RKM GUI.
  • Fixed : LM RKM was not selecting the correct remote profiles if no window was in focus (this is an extremely unfrequent situation) 

04/08/2009 : version 5.0

  • Improved : Added new buttons for MCE Remotes
  • Added : Windows Mobile Companion Remote. You can use your Windows Mobile device to control your PC.

03/18/2009 : version 4.10

  • Added : support for nMediaPC remote
  • Improved : added support for some Hauppauge MCE Remotes
  • Added : option to disable native mappings for Arrow, Ok, number buttons on MCE Remote
  • Added : option to disable fast repeats for selected buttons with the USB-UIRT (in Setup Remote / Choose IR Codes)

12/24/2008 : version 4.9

  • Fixed : on Windows Vista LM RKM OSD is not always on top of other windows
  • Improved : Standby / resume behavior with USB-UIRT
  • Improved : you can now use a DisplayMenu action under another DisplayMenu (thus creating a submenu)
  • Added : SageTV OnScreen Remote STVi to allow the use of your IR blaster during Live TV.

10/04/2008 : version 4.8

  • Fixed : Hauppauge 45 buttons remote was timing out after a few minutes

10/01/2008 : version 4.7

  • Added : Hauppauge 45 buttons remote support (you'll need the Hauppauge IR Remote control software insalled but not launched)
  • Improved : Standby / Resume behavior (If needed, you can control the delay before resuming hardware when PC is coming out of standby. By default hardware is resumed 20 sec. after PC resume)
  • Added : Option for repeating IR codes with the MCE blaster

07/11/2008 : version 4.6

  • Improved : Firefly / USB-UIRT / Technotrend handler process may takes too long to start when your PC boots resulting in LM Remote KeyMap crashing at startup
  • Improved : Standby / resume behavior of the LM RKM server and client when using the Remoted Blaster feature

05/21/2008 : version 4.5

  • Added : Client / Server feature for blaster. Install LM RKM on another PC to remotely control a blaster (USB-UIRT or MCE) attached to another PC using LM RKM. The "Blast" action, COM Objects as well as tuning plugins works with such a remoted blaster. To use a remoted blaster, simply choose it in the "Choose Blaster" list (on the PC where the blaster is not attached). This feature is available only to our donators.

05/16/2008 : version 4.4

  • Fixed : LM RKM was crashing when used with a MCE Keyboard and a MCE Remote
  • Improved : Exclusive mode for MCE Remote (disable native mapping of Green Button, Recorded TV, Guide, Live TV buttons) while keeping the repeat behavoir for arrow buttons and volume buttons. After starting LM RKM version 4.4 for the first time, unplug and replug the MCE remote, then restart LM RKM and LM RKM Blaster service to apply the change if you are currently using exclusive mode.
  • Fixed : Main LM RKM window was not supporting screen with custom DPI

05/13/2008 : version 4.3

  • Fixed : Firefly "Pause" button was not working in version 4.2

05/11/2008 : version 4.2

  • Added : support for fast user switching
  • Added : option for disabling native MCE Remote mappings (such as Volume Up, though you'll lose the repeat behavior of those keys if you turn this option on)
  • Fixed : Firefly support on 64 bits OS
  • Fixed : warning for learning IR code 1 and code 2 was displayed when it was not needed

04/22/2008 : version 4.1

  • Fixed : Threading issue with USB-UIRT used as a receiver
  • Fixed : LM RKM was crashing when learning IR Codes for newly added buttons
  • Added : new "ShowOSD" action to display the OSD (simple text) when pressing a button on your remote

03/30/2008 : version 4.0

  • Added : TechnoTrend remotes support (currently verified : TT S2-3200 / TT S2-3650 CI on Windows XP)
  • Added : Full COM support for IR Blaster operation
  • Improved : Remote image in profile editor is interactive
  • Added : Online database for IR devices
  • Fixed : USB-UIRT support on 64bits OS
  • Improved : LM Remote KeyMap Blaster Service handles all blaster operations. This means that only the service needs to run for operating the IR Blaster

03/14/2008 : version 3.9

  • Fixed : Unable to select the IR Port for MCE Blaster on Windows XP
  • Improved : OSD Window (Volume / Menu) should not steal focus anymore
  • Improved : Some mutlithreading issues with USB-UIRT as a receiver

03/08/2008 : version 3.8

  • Added : Support for multiple MCE Blaster devices (XP and Vista). Warning : you'll need to update your IR devices to select the IR port to use (if you use a specific IR port)
  • Added : Live trace viewer, from the taskbar notification icon you can open the live trace viewer to view LM RKM operations in real time for debug purposes.
  • Added : you can open the folder where settings and logs are stored from the taskbar notification icon.

02/23/2008 : version 3.7

  • Modified : Removed Device Arrival and Removal notification, instead stopping restarting blaster devices when computer sleep and resume
  • Modified : Completely rewritten MCE Blaster support for Windows XP. Warning : you'll have to learn all your IR Codes again as the code format has changed.

02/20/2008 : version 3.6

  • Improved : when LM Remote KeyMap is shutdow, you don't have to restart the Blaster Service
  • Fixed : MCE Blaster learning on Windows XP can freeze LM Remote KeyMap (further improvment may be needed)

02/09/2008 : version 3.5

  • Improved : Blaster service reliability. LM Remote KeyMap should reconnect to the blaster service, if the service was stopped.
  • Fixed : Blaster service may fail to start
  • Fixed : Blaster service may fail to stop

01/22/2008 : version 3.4

  • Fixed : USB-UIRT was not working with new service handling blaster operations
  • Improved : Blaster Service reliability

01/18/2008 : version 3.3

  • Improved : Improved 64bits OS support (especially for MCE Blaster with Vista 64)
  • Improved : Improved Vista Blaster support. LM Remote KeyMap doesn't need to be run as Administrator (a blaster service is now installed)
  • Added : You can now choose the trace level by right clicking on the notification icon (the trace level is only changed temporarily it will revert to the trace level set by config file when you restart LM Remote KeyMap)
  • Improved : Adding warning and error messages when learning is not complete.

10/30/2007 : version 3.2

  • Added : Support for the MCE IR Blaster on Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Added : Support for device removal / insertion for the USB-UIRT

10/21/2007 : version 3.1

  • Added : Beyond TV channel change plugin (Beyond TV must be using the .Net Framework 2.0)
  • Added : insert a pause in before and after commands for channel changing 

10/17/2007 : version 3.0

  • Added : Support for USB-UIRT as a receiver and blaster
  • Added : Support for MCE Remote IR blaster (only on Windows XP for now)
  • Added : Support for Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Added : Support for 64 bits OS
  • Added : New signed installer
  • Added : Blast action for sending IR commands to external devices
  • Added : SageTV plugin for using the IR Blaster within SageTV through LM Remote KeyMap
  • Added : task bar notification icon exit menu
  • Modified : Built on .Net Framework 2.0 (remove old version of LM Remote KeyMap before installing this one)
  • Modified : task bar notification is animated (blink when receiving or transmitting)
  • Improved : mouse mode speed
  • Improved : when editing a remote profile, you can switch the focus to the application concerned by the profile and then press the "Record" button on your remote, this will copy "title", "class name" and "executable name" for your in LM Remote KeyMap (note: you don't need to use the three fields)

02/25/2007 : version 2.0

  • Added : MCE Remote
  • Modified : LM Remote KeyMap no longer have different edition for remotes. One edition of LM Remote KeyMap will work for all remotes. The first time you run LM Remote KeyMap it will ask you what remote you want to use (you can of course change the remote later)
  • Improved : Firefly Mini and MCE Remote operation
  • Fixed : Mouse / MoveTo was sometimes always moving the mouse pointer
  • Fixed : some sound chipset mixer cannot be used, this was crashing LM Remote KeyMap. Now it doesn't crash but you want be able to use volume control of LM Remote KeyMap
  • Added : MoveWindow action
  • Fixed : skin selection was reverting to a default value each time LM Remote KeyMap was started

01/26/2007 : version 1.9

  • Added : Action "KeyDown" and "KeyUp" for creating keyboard shortcuts that doesn't work with the "Keystroke" action
  • Added : Action "NavMode" to put the remote into a navigation mode. In this mode you can do things like "Alt+Tab" with the "Play" button of the remote, "Tab" with the "Skip Forward" and "Skip Backward" buttons / "Ctrl+Tab" with "Fast Forward" and "Rewind" buttons / Display the Windows start menu with the "Menu" button.
  • Added : A "What's new" button for the profiles online database to see what new profiles have been submitted.

01/09/2007 : version 1.8

  • Fixed : Skip Forward and Skip Backward are no more inverted for the Firefly Mini edition.
  • Improved & Fixed : "Auto foreground" was not working and was not reliable
  • Improved : "Auto Foreground" will now work also with executable name
  • Added : "WakeOnLan" action
  • Added : "AppActivate" action, should bring any window to the foreground when "Foreground" is not working.

12/12/2007 : version 1.7

  • Added : new edition for the Firefly Mini PC Remote
  • Added : new "PressKey" action for simulating a keyboard key press

12/05/2006 : version 1.6

  • Fixed : when Firefly remote receiver is plugged in, LM Remote KeyMap was erroneously triggering a "Power" button press (also occured when computer wake up).
  • Added : Firefly remote channel selection (LM Remote KeyMap is listening to all channels by default, see FAQ)
  • Enhanced : better response speed when pressing constantly on a remote button 

11/28/2006 : version 1.5

  • Fixed : profile selection issue
  • Changed : use PostMessage instead of SendMessage (so as LM Remote KeyMap doesn't wait for the target window acknowledge the message) 

11/26/2006 : version 1.4

  • Fixed : the "ChangeProfile" action was not working
  • Modified : you can now exit the "MouseMode" by pressing the button you used to enter "MouseMode"

11/25/2006 : version 1.3

  • Fixed : action set volume was not working when "show volume osd when volume is changed out of LM Remote KeyMap" was selected.
  • Added : you can now search for a profile by the executable name of the active window
  • Added : profiles online database : upload and download profiles from the online database (download is only available for our donators)
  • Changed : the profiles.xml file (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LM Gestion\LM Remote KeyMap) use a different format. So if you want to revert to version 1.2, please make a backup of your profiles.xml file as it will be upgraded to the new format when using LM Remote KeyMap version 1.3.
  • Changed : the installer now excludes the x10net.dll, so if you uninstall any previous version of LM Remote KeyMap to install the new 1.3 version you may have to reinstall the Firefly driver.

11/17/2006 : version 1.2

  • Fixed : the "double key press" check box was not updated correctly
  • Added : new edition for the Firefly PC Remote
  • Added : the volume osd can be enabled when the volume change outside LM Remote KeyMap
  • Added : mouse actions
  • Added : mouse mode (donator feature)

11/14/2006 : version 1.1

  • Fixed : the first time you start LM Remote KeyMap the default profile assign the Volume Up key to do Volume Down. If you already installed LM Remote KeyMap you need to modify the default profile using the profile editor as uninstalling / installing LM Remote KeyMap doesn't overwrite your remote profiles
  • Fixed : with some sound cards, unmuting the volume cause a CPU spike within LM Remote KeyMap (it does happen if you mute the volume with LM Remote KeyMap or with another mean)
  • Added : Option to enable / disable the double key press suppression for Volume Up / Volume Down / Fast Forward and Rewind buttons when you set the repeat rate to a high value in the Streamzap PC Remote driver.
  • Added : a new action to shutdown / supspend / hibernate or reboot your computer upon a remote button press
  • Added : a new action for playing a Wave file upon a remote button press

11/12/2006 : version 1.0

  • First public release


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