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LM Remote KeyMap : REST API

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You can control LM Remote KeyMap from another application by using the REST API (only available fully in the LM Remote KeyMap donator's edition).

The REST API is a collection of HTTP ressources that allows you to get something from LM Remote KeyMap as well as interact with LM Remote KeyMap.

The LM Remote KeyMap REST API is very simple to use :

  • It is selp descriptive
  • It use XML as its response format
  • It awaits GET or POST requests : GET are for retreiving data from LM Remote KeyMap, POST are for changing LM Remote KeyMap states or to make LM Remote KeyMap do something

To explore the REST API type http://localhost:56756 in your web browser where LM Remote KeyMap is installed and you'll see what the REST API can do for you.

If you have any questions about the REST API use the forums.

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