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All our software products

    Record and watch DVB TV.
  • LM Remote KeyMap
    Customize your PC Remote Control. Works with Streamzap, Firefly, Firefly Mini, MCE Remote control. Also support MCE Blaster and USB-UIRT.
  • LM DVB Smart Recorder for SageTV
    Use our network recorder for recording DVB channels in SageTV. LM DVB Smart Recorder includes subtitles extraction in real time as well as smart buffer engine for not loosing show content on back to back recordings.
  • SageTV XMLTV Importer
    Import XMLTV guide data into SageTV
  • LM LAN Messaging
    Send and receive short message inside your personal network. Be notified with a ballon or transparent notification window.
  • LM Volume Control
    Change the master volume of your PC with global keyboard shortcuts (system hotkeys). Feature a transparent volume OSD. 
  • DVBViewer Recorder for SageTV
    Use DVBViewer as the recording engine for SageTV. The DVBViewer Recorder can also extract teletext subtitles in real time.
  • Beyond TV XMLTV Importer
    Import XMLTV guide data into Snapstream Beyond TV

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