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LM Remote KeyMap : Installation

Download Free Version

For LM Remote KeyMap to work you'll either need

  • the Streamzap PC Remote 2.9.6 drivers or later
  • the Firefly PC Remote driver
  • the default driver for Firefly Mini (there is no downloadable driver but you must disable the Firefly Mini software)
  • the default MCE Remote driver included with Windows XP Pro or XP Media Center (you'll need to disable Media Center service or you'll get double button press)
  • the default USB-UIRT driver

Download LM Remote KeyMap and set it up by following the setup wizard. Launch the software by clicking on its shortcut in the "LM Remote KeyMap" folder of your "Start" menu.

When LM Remote KeyMap is running you'll see its icon in the notification area of your task bar (near the clock). As soon as it is running it will replace completely the default button mapping of your remote.

The taskbar notification icon will change to reflect LM Remote KeyMap activity and status:

  •  LM Remote KeyMap is waiting for remote input
  •  LM Remote KeyMap is disabled (will not respond to remote events or PC events): this is the case when LM Remote KeyMap is running in a remote desktop session.
  •  LM Remote KeyMap is receiving a remote input
  •  LM Remote KeyMap is sending IR codes through your IR blaster
  •  LM Remote KeyMap is receiving a PC event (Application starting, Application stopping...)

Double-click on the LM Remote KeyMap taskbar icon to open the main window if it is not already opened.

From the main window menu you can access to the following items :


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