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DVBViewer Recorder : DVBViewer configuration

No special features need to be setup in DVBViewer for the DVBViewer Recorder to work properly.

However, in all our testing we always had selected the "Smart Buffer" feature with a 2MB buffer. So it is highly recommended to use the same setting.

If you don't it may cause issues with the feature that let DVBViewer Recorder restart a recording when nothing has been flushed to disk in XX seconds.

DVBViewer also feature its own "Retune" feature. We recommend you to not use this feature (When we enabled it we have not really saw it working anyway...)

DVBViewer Recording Service

If you are using a SoftCam and want to avoid enabling audio and video with DVBViewer while DVBViewer Recorder is actually recording a show, you may be able to use the DVBViewer Recording Service.

When using a SoftCam, you are using a DVBViewer plugins. Those plugins are only active within DVBViewer if a playback graph exists. However, if you use the DVBViewer Recording Services it will use plugins during the recording without needing a playback graph.

Review the DVBViewer Wiki to install the DVBViewer Recording Service. Basically when installing the DVBViewer Recording Service, you'll replace the tuner card in DVBViewer by virtual unicast tuner card (and disable the real hardware).

For DVBViewer Recorder to work properly in this case you must not forward the DVBViewer timers to the DVBViewer Recording Service. If you do this DVBViewer Recorder will not be able to change the recording folder and the recording file name.

To setup a SoftCam plugin with the DVBViewer Recording Service, review the DVBViewer Wiki (Not : some plugins may not work right with the service).

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